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Many one matters, rather little one matter.The person of the business, pay attention to most 'and'the spirit produce wealth.
"I knew.Many thanks to master son.
"The autumn of the leaf gratefully says.No matter the other party proceeds from what reason instruct, at least he ground ordering is a good intentions ground.
The west earthquake in the door orders and once turned round to say to west shallow language in the door:"Now that leaf the autumn safely have no coming back of matter, make a telephone call for your elder brother, let him hurriedly come back."
"Well.Grandpa."West shallow language in the door promises and walks to telephone to stir to make a phone call beside.
The leaf lies autumn in appreciating the deck chair of the view veranda room, Lin Bao Er holds a small fist and just pund the back for him, Tang Guo at in the house make tea for him, Ran winter night pare a good apple and pass a his mouth side, say:"Got hurt, drank water more fruit."
"What theory is this ?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.It is together the ground that enjoys now very much to pour the person's blessing.Three feminine beauties are entirely different, very charming small beauty around at oneself nearby, the reaches everywhere earth shine attends to himself/herself, let him have a kind of the Xian mandarin duck the happy feeling of the Xian fairy is not.
Lin Bao Er's fist is so of softness, the black silk on the winter night of Ran leg is how of temptation, Tang Guo that high thigh drive a pale blue color jeans pack ground tightly, slender straight, the hip is plump.
Beat to kill of have what mean?Which there are this kind of many joss-stick surrounding being nearby feeling wonderful?
"This is my theory.Letting you eating you has to eat."The Ran Jiao says with a smile winter night and also intentionally took fruit knife to sway to sway in the leaf autumn in front.
Think of that evening leaf the autumn steal to eat the matter that is grasped, unbearable again is a burst of Luo Luo Jiao to smile.
"Winter son elder sister, you smile what?"It is helping the leaf the one face of Lin Bao Er for punding the back for autumn to curiously ask a way.
"I, is smiling some people to have a guilty conscience."Ran winter night Piao leaf the autumn is one eye, roar with laughter ground to say.
"Some people is who?"Lin Bao Er still doesn't understand her meaning and continues idiocy ground to ask a way.
Lin Bao Er isn't understand, the leaf autumn is very understand.Which dare to let the Ran give° own embarrassment winter night to explode to anticipate to go out?
The autumn of the leaf intentionally and painfully twisted the shoulder of twisting the left side and said:"Treasure son.The left side.Where drive to beat an one punch, really painful."
"Well."Lin Bao Er promises."Want to devote major efforts, medium dint, still tiny make an effort?"
"Devote major efforts."The autumn of the leaf says.
The full face of Lin Bao Er excitedly stands up, the hands ruthlessly grasped to pass by to the shoulder in leaf autumn.
"Go.Go.Is tiny to make an effort.It is tiny to make an effort."The autumn of the leaf bellows to say.
West door to east until a little many clocks just come back in the afternoon and directly arrived to a leaf for autumn after coming back of room.
See he the some matter have no, is lying prone on the bed to accompany three girl's sons to play poker, stick on his face full after drawing the blank sheet of paper of tortoise, cannot help but smiling, say:"See your current status, see to don't be subjected to what hurt?"
"Have no."The autumn of the leaf covers poker and signal hint him to talk in the veranda.
The west door towards three girl's sons to smile to the east and followed a leaf to arrive at veranda for autumn.
"Did you lose what things?"The west door smiles to ask a way to the east.
"H'm.Are where at you?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
West door to the east is from the pocket in take out a cellular phone to pass in the past, is exactly what leaf threw to lose before autumn, say:"The spot that explodes in the car, police now this.Seek friend help, just give° it and come back."
"Thank."The autumn of the leaf gratefully says.If this thing falls in the police's hand, afraid is from already the circumstances here is troublesome.Although Hong Kong belongs to a China country,they have independent legislative power.If they iron the nature pursue his/her own responsibility, domestic also not say what.
"Is polite what.The small matter is 1."West door to east and then from the pocket in take out data, pass to leaf autumn, say:"You make me help your person of the survey in the United States, I also just received news just.It is said that he arrived at Hong Kong the day before yesterday evening."

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